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Tha Dog House


Introduction to Series

tHa dOG hOUse is a stylized cartoon series from the street. The show features five 9-12 year old inner-city African-American group-home boyz — O.T., ‘RUPT, BIRD, VERNELL and TREV, who depend on the bond of friendship to protect, validate and support one another in the wake of family and life struggles. Together, the boyz form a musical group, whose potential has yet to be tapped. In addition to their knack for street antics, they possess Globetrotter-like basketball skills, running circles around any opponent in the hood.

We meet tHa dOG hOUse as they are united with a new home director, POPS, and his canine friend, HIP-HOP. POPS, in a seemingly magical and musical manner, lights a pathway for the boyz to experience, learn and grow.

Targeted at a children’s audience of 8 years and older, the series addresses today’s kids’ opinions, aspirations, conflicts and needs, not to mention their funny bones. Although tHa dOG hOUse are African-American, the show’s supporting-cast and content is broad-based, targeting children of every creed, color and socioeconomic background.

tHa dOG hOUse television series is created to not only entertain, but to strongly demonstrate to an impressionable audience that if you believe in yourself and believe you are destined for your own, personal greatness, there is nothing you cannot accomplish or get through.

Using a hip-hop musical underscore with lyrics suitable for children and performed by present-day recording artists, the series promotes large dreams and the idea that the kids of today, no matter where they "hang", are not limited in what they can achieve in life.