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Francie's Toy Box Theatre


Francie's Toy Box Theatre is an original concept children’s series that brings to life a world of unique characters, adventures and unexpected discoveries, and teaches the significance of everything around us through storytelling and song.

Targeted at preschool and older, the half-hour show features children’s recording and live performing artist, FRANCIE DILLON. Not since Shari Lewis has a performer so easily captured the hearts of so many young audiences. Francie has one of those kinetic personalities — the type children are naturally drawn to.

The series is based on the music recordings and stories of Francie and Grammy-nominated composer, Christopher Hedge. Their music is upbeat, catchy and highly original – an instant favorite with any child who has been exposed to their audio CD, THE TOY BOX.

Every show opens with FRANCIE performing in front of a theatre filled with an enthusiastic young audience. Through a magical metamorphosis, we are transported to the land of the Toy Box. While there, we join FRANCIE, boisterous MAYOR JAZZBO, JACK THE GIANT (a guy so large that we only ever see one of his hands!), the TOY BOX ENSEMLE PLAYERS and many other delightful characters playing, singing, imagining and learning about a different theme each episode.

Toy Box Land is a place that is inside every child’s toy box! There, we find a fantastical playground, a lake made from lemonade, a forest full of characters and surprises, and a moving roadway made from a gazillion talking marbles!

In Francie's Toy Box Theatre, you must be prepared to expect the unexpected! Lively, colorful settings serve as the backdrop for live, animated and puppet characters. Original songs and animation segments by new artists, featuring fun creatures and a myriad of characters, keep viewers intrigued throughout each of Francie’s adventures. The latest production technology provides seamless interaction between the characters and their environment.

Francie's Toy Box Theatre has been developed with the goal of helping children gain a greater awareness of themselves and their surrounding environment by teaching them to value and respect the everyday objects in their lives. This show supports and stimulates children’s curiosity and encourages creativity, exploration and imagination.

Francie's Toy Box Theatre is a place that every child wants to go, and Francie — with a little help from KinderMuse Entertainment — can take them there!