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Tales of Inedible Horror


Compact, mischievous and 100% pure Evil, this Cookie from Hell has stalked the Earth from the beginning of Time, creating chaos and leaving behind unsightly crumbs wherever he goes.

Always in hot pursuit are GOLDIE and GUS, a wisecracking duo whose breakneck yet breezy approach to ridding the world of the Gingerbread Menace is slowed down only by Gus’s love of a cold beer and Goldie’s love of insulting Gus.

G-Man is a folk legend gone out of control, wreaking havoc in 7 to 11-minute animated segments for grown-ups that act 10 years old or older.

Each tale winds its wacky way around radioactive raisins, jet-powered pickup trucks, and robotic berry pickers, as G-Man distorts, disrupts and mangles fairy tale, myth and historical events and figures with equal bravado.

This very original take on a well-known character was created by film maker/illustrator Ben Hillman whose animated shorts have won awards at festivals all over the world and have aired on Bravo, the Independent Film Channel, MTV, PBS Channel 4 (UK) and Canal Plus.

“Run, run, as fast as you can,
You can’t catch me, I’m that badass G-Man!”