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Stink Monkeys


Our show opens with COMMANDER CRUDTHRUSTER, President of CCT Enterprises and famed "knock-off" perfumer, snatching up 6 innocent monkeys from the jungle wilds and choppering them to his headquarters in New Fork City (famed for its utensil skyline) to be used to test his new personal hygiene product, Eau d’Less. This new-fangled product promises to eliminate all human stench ("Eau d'Less — Panacea for a Putrid Planet") and will mark Crudthruster’s rise to take over the world…by its nose!

Deep in the bowels of the downtown atomizer-shaped CCT headquarters, our soon-to-be heroes are exposed to the world’s worst olfactory offenses. The lab-monkeys are each forced to endure the rigors of horrible, disgusting animal testing — Garlic baths, fresh garbage showers, skunk sprays, simulated sewer water Jacuzzis, and the forced ingestion of flatulent rich beans, all followed by an application of the amazing Eau d'Less!

The monkeys receive more than chief scientist DR. KIZZAZ orders when a bizarre military accident zaps the CCT laboratories during the experiments! When the dust clears, the primates emerge from a cloud of multicolored stench, donning spandex uniforms with chest letters spelling out the word "S.T.I.N.K." They have been transformed into powerful, Avenging Superheros — each with his/her own distinctive, well, smell. A NEW AND STINKY ERA IN CRIME FIGHTING IS ABOUT TO BEGIN! Meet the Stink Monkeys:

Sewer Monkey: Cruises around on a manhole cover like it was a flying skateboard leaving a greenish wake and the stench of the sewer.
Trash Monkey: Carries a trash can lid on his arm like Captain America, which he can throw at an enemy and it will come back to him (like a boomerang).
Icky Butt Monkey: Blessed with the ability to fart on command with varying degrees of resulting damage.
Nasty Skunk Monkey: She is capable of raising her tail and blasting a powerful dose of skunk smell at an enemy.
Karlic Monkey: Has the ability to belch up huge amounts of concentrated garlic; also known as Garlic Monkey — a horrible spelling mistake!

Stink Monkeys is targeted at the Beavis & Butt-Head/Pinky & The Brain/South Park crowd and anyone who appreciates bodily function humor.

Join these wonderfully ripe and smelly cartoon superheroes, and a myriad of other outrageous characters, as they protect the citizens of New Fork City and avenge the CRUDTHRUSTER cartel!!!

Commander Crudthruster