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Stink Monkeys


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Francie's Toy Box Theatre

KinderMuse Entertainment, founded in 1998 is a development and production company committed to producing quality television programming for children and their families.

We have successfully acquired and developed a diverse portfolio of properties now being offered to the television and film markets.

The founding partners have years of experience in live theater, music, film and television. We are also part of an elite group who pioneered computer graphics and digitally-enhanced visual effects for Hollywood. From pushing Kurt Russell through the "Star Gate" (STARGATE), to putting Sylvestor Stallone on a flying motorcycle (JUDGE DREDD), hanging Arnold Schwarzenegger off a 727 (ERASER), landing Robin Williams in his own painted world in heaven (WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, 1998 Academy Award – Best Visual Effects) and stopping bullets for Keanu Reeves (THE MATRIX, 1999 Academy Award – Best Visual Effects), we have worked with and for the Who’s Who of the entertainment industry.

Our unique access to quality content, along with our extensive experience in creative design and knowledge of the latest digital and post-production applications, visual effects and character animation techniques, bring both innovation and economy to the projects we develop and package.